About Us

White Feather Re-Entry

White Feather Re-Entry  was first established in 1985 by Lesta Rogers under the name of "Fresh Start Housing." In September  of 2011, Lesta changed the name to "White Feather Re-Entry." Several groups had begun using "Fresh Start" in their business, and Lesta wanted to clarify the services provided by her organization. 

Lesta believes in helping other, especially those just released from prison or from rehab. She donates her time and money for this cause and tends to operate White Feather Re-Entry like a non-profit organization. Lesta and the supporters of  White Feather Re-Entry believe that neighborhoods are safer if transitioning offenders and those recovering from substance addiction have housing as the first step in community support.

Residents have served their time in payment to society. Newly released from a program, most of them have next to nothing to get re-started in a new life. Sometimes they have only the clothes they are wearing as they leave prison or a rehab facility. Housing forms the necessary first step in their successful re-entry. 

White Feather Re-Entry housing focuses on providing quality locations in Pierce County and throughout western Washington State. Lesta has a strong relationship with the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) as a result of years of working cooperatively with both the department and prisoners. 

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