White Feather Re-Entry

 (formerly Fresh Start Housing)

Clean & Sober Shared Living
 in Western Washington


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Welcome to White Feather Re-Entry

We are the original Fresh Start Housing organization created and run by Lesta Rogers in the Tacoma WA area. You are currently on the "official" website for Lesta's housing organization.

Solving Housing Needs

We work together with the Department of Corrections (DOC) and other state agencies to provide that stable address in Washington's Puget Sound area for qualified people re-entering the community from incarceration or those completing substance abuse treatment. The role of White Feather Re-Entry is to facilitate the re-entry process. We work in conjunction with the DOC and other state agencies to monitor behavior and maintain sobriety. Random urinalyses and other tests are conducted, and the results are reported to the supervising Community Corrections Officers (CCO).

Our policy is to maintain an open door policy with the DOC, encouraging random visits for inspection and information sharing. After serving a prison sentence, transition presents challenges. Our Housing and living conditions are structured and supervised both by the DOC and our staff. This makes the transition less overwhelming.

Making a Difference in Our Communities!

Over 90% of those who are incarcerated will eventually be released. Our choice is not if we receive them, but how we receive them.

Our objective is to provide the best opportunity for their success while maintaining neighborhood safety.

Generally, "success" means a safe place to live, a job, reconnecting with family, and becoming an asset to the community. 

Many of us know someone who has been incarcerated. Each month men and women are released, homeless, from prison. Citizens may be unaware of how many homeless people are wandering around in search of food and a safe place to sleep. Some recently released individuals are among these people, which puts the community at risk.

Public Safety
We are all concerned about public safety and public safety is our number one priority. In a safe and structured environment, prisoners returning to us have the best chance to participate effectively in the community.

Public safety is improved if newly released individuals are clearly under the supervision of both the DOC and the community itself. A stable address forms the basis for effective supervision and safety for all involved. 

A close working relationship with the DOC and other agencies helps insure safety in the Our communities. On rare occasions, when an incident occurs, the appropriate authority is contacted immediately for quick resolution

Helping Those in Need

Community service groups and individuals help meet many of the immediate needs of recently released prisoners. Those needs include practical things such as furniture and personal items. Personal communication, encouragement, and help in making a new life are also important aspects of helping.

Volunteers give freely of their time and energy to support the re-entry process, because they understand the importance and complexity of that process. For more information, click on the "General Info" tab.

For detailed statistics related to Washington State prisons and prisoners go to the DOC website  http://doc.wa.gov 

A message from Lesta Rogers

We are all interested in safety, and this is one of the primary concerns of White Feather Re-Entry. People are being released from prison whether they have housing or not. We must decide how we will receive them.

There are many challenges a newly released prison has to meet. The most important challenge is housing; without a place to live, obtaining employment is difficult.

White Feather Re-Entry provides an opportunity for a new beginning. We welcome them cautiously back into our communities by working closely with the Department of Corrections. We do random drug testing, working directly with the Community Corrections Officers who supervise those we accept into our houses. We emphasize the importance of meeting their individual conditions of release, and of remaining in compliance at all times.

At White Feather Re-Entry we assist with residents' basic needs. We help with paperwork, appointments, job leads, transportation when possible,and connections with various providers of services. Among these providers are Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Chemical Dependency Counseling. Personal and family counseling is also made available when possible. White Feather Re-Entry is dedicated to assisting in the successful re-entry of selected individuals who choose to begin new lives after incarceration.

Lesta Rogers
Founder and Owner


Please Beware - Knott Enterprises Foundation is claiming on their website under the name of "Fresh Start Housing LLC" to be a part of the original "Fresh Start Housing" founded by Lesta. They have also gone as far as to claim an Assoication with "White Feather Re-entry."

These untrue statements are obviously intended to deceive the public with their fictional ties to Fresh Start Housing/White Feather Re-entry and Lesta Rogers.

We are in NO WAY assoicated with this organization. Beware of this and other organizations claiming to be tied to Lesta and Fresh Start Housing and/or White Feather Re-Entry. They are trying to capitalize on Lesta's success.

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